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The Gift of Time Foundation (GOT) invites you to give children the gift of time.

We are developing plans to build a youth development complex in Missouri; the first of several strategically located around the country. Saving our children, and our future, inspires us to mount a national effort to provide safe places for children to learn life skills. America, we must increase our commitment to making sure the potential of our children does not go unrealized. There is an escalating trend among children to engage in activities that damage and destroy life and property. This tendency has no social or ethnic boundaries. We will reverse this trend when we start spending more time teaching them productive activities.

The GOT program will mandate that children participate in 3 components; including academics, physical fitness and community service. In order to become productive citizens, children must understand and accept the responsibility for all three of these aspects of life. Our target ages are 6 years to 12 years; although the program will offer participation up to 18 years of age. We realize there are a number of youth programs in place and new ones are developing daily. We will take advantage of these programs by corroborating our efforts and resources.

layout of GOT complexThe GOT facility will include 400-meter tracks (indoor and outdoor); inside a 20,000 to 25,000 seat arena. Venues where children can get tutorial and study assistance. We will provide programs in arts and crafts, such as music, theater, dance and film making. The GOT complex will make provisions for child care; and provide care for seniors and children with special needs.

The GOT project will become a reality that will work for our future if we all participate.