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Mr. TALENT. Mr. President, I rise today to recognize the efforts of an outstanding organization which has dedicated itself to aid in the development of our Nation's children. The Gift of Time Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing community service, academic, and physical fitness programs for children between the ages of four and eighteen.

The mission of the Gift of Time Foundation is: "To provide children with resources, opportunities and assistance that help them develop high self-esteem, self confidence, socially acceptable value systems, diverse cultural appreciation and family values by providing them with structured environments for membership in mandatory participation in physical fitness, academics, and community service programs. To provide children with personal character development assistance for self expression through structured positive activities alternatives."

The Gift of Time Foundation was spearheaded by E. Douglas McFarlin. His vision was to build a youth complex in St. Louis that would provide children with the proper direction to meet the challenges of our modern society. Mr. McFarlin has worked closely with business, community, and civic leaders to launch this important project. He is hoping that the St. Louis complex will be the first of many across the country.

Mr. President, organizations such as the Gift of Time Foundation can help a community in building character and values in its children. The efforts of Mr. McFarlin and his organization are to be commended for taking this challenge head on. I ask that you join me in recognizing this fine organization and wishing Mr. McFarlin the very best on his endeavors to bring this program to the children of our nation.

James M Talent
U.S. Senator Jim Talent
State of Missouri