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Mission: to provide children with safe places to learn, play, and build character. Successfully!

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Goals: to provide children with resources, opportunities and assistance that help them develop high self-esteem, self-confidence, socially acceptable value systems, diverse cultural appreciation and family values.

Our plans: to provide children with personal character development assistance for self-expression through structured positive activities choices.

The expectations: for children to participate in mandatory academic, physical fitness and community services programs.

Children are the future of America. Responsibility for tomorrow begins with plans and programs today.

God said for us to take care of the children. Mark 9:35-37

Call (314) 458-7585, or e-mail GOT on the net at , and make a pledge. We also want to know your area of expertise if you are willing to join our staff or volunteer team. Your professional skills are important to this project.

Write to:
Gift of Time Foundation
109 Woodland Place Ct.
St. Charles, MO 63303

(314) 458-7585 to make a pledge.

"Give Children the Gift of Time"